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Our Quality Policy

Gold Finger serves its customers in the food industry with the highest level of quality understanding.

Food Safety

Human Health

Hygienic Environment

Logistics Management

Gold Finger, which produces with the highest level of quality understanding, has a structure that meticulously carries out the necessary tests and analyzes in all processes from the first purchase of raw materials to the production and packaging stages.

Our Production Stages

  • Raw materials, carefully procured from various regions of Turkey, are analyzed by our expert staff and put into operation after passing through certain control stages.

  • They are classified according to their sizes in our screening facilities. For certain products, the drying process is carried out by controlling the humidity.

  • Standardization is achieved on a product basis by passing it through a color separation device.

  • No additives and preservatives or chemical disinfection are added.

  • All products are prepared untouched by human hands. It is packaged with automatic machines untouched by human beings.

  • Our products are stored under suitable conditions in cool and dry places.

  • Products are stored and shipped under conditions that comply with quality standards.

Gold Finger has a total of 7 certificates in terms of quality and health, all of our products are HALAL FOOD.